Why SMART Hydro Systems ?

It's all about the technology.

When you combine state-of-the-art sensors with convenient on-line access, you get unparalleled control over your automated irrigation systems as well as foundation preventative maintenance programs. Install it and forget about it ... it waters when and where it's needed. It even reports clogs and leaks in your system, directly to your email. The SMART system can either be installed to retrofit your existing sprinkler system or it can be installed with a new system. SMART owners can see up to 40% or more savings in water as well as an immediate return on investment for the Foundation Monitoring System.

SMART Hydro Systems will be ready to begin manufacturing, marketing, selling, and installing an exciting new product targeted to the home-owner, building owner, foundation rehabilitation/preventative maintenance industry, home warranty companies, municipalities and new home builders by July 2013. SMART Hydro Systems can be used in two ways:
-- automated sprinkler irrigation control
-- foundation stabilization

  • Is SMART For You ?

    •  Are you tired of manual sprinkler irrigation control boxes that you constantly have to monitor?
    •   Are you ready to own a fully automated irrigation system you can control from anywhere?
    •   Do you want to conserve water and save money in the process?
    •   Would you like to be able to stop the seasonal movement of your house?
    •   Want more information?