Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SMART ?


    It's the brains behind your lawn.   See how it works.

  • How is the SMART system different from other systems ?

    The SMART System is a complete system for both new and exhisting irrigation systems. Not only does SMART focus on moisture percentage in the soil but it also addresses any underlying problems in the system using flow sensor technology. Furthermore, any problems are immediately reported via email or alerts sent to your smart phone. The web-based setup makes the system easy to use, eliminating manual programming and guesswork of normal systems.

  • How sensitive is the soil moisture sensor probe and what is it's range ?

    The probe is very sensitive. It gives a full range from completely dry to completely immersed in water.

  • How long do the sensors last ?

    The sensors are built to exceed the life of the water delivery system. This can be dozens of years.

  • Is the SMART system expensive ?

    Up until recently, the technology used in this kind of sensor was very expensive and only affordable for commercial use. SMART has developed a complete system that is reasonably priced so it is affordable for homeowners.